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6 Swarovski Gold Plated 2 Hole Sew On Green Tormaline 10x8 mm Embellishment
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Maroon Green Pure Silk 4 yard Vintage Sari Saree Formal Smart Choice Sary FCIRT
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MONTANA SILVERSMITH Blue Earth Turquoise Stainless Steel Silver Ring RG34TQ NIB
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ClosetMate Clear Acrylic Jewelry and makeup organizer set with Two Sided Mirror
Sale Price: $30.91
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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera Lime Green + Instax 20 Exposures
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Fujifilm INSTAX Wide 300 Instant Film Camera + 20 Exposures + Case + Batteries
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Extra Large Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Jewelry Storage Case
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Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels World Chronograph Mens Watch AT8020 03L
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Premier Protein Shake 18 shakes 11oz ea 18 packs PICK FLAVOR NO SALES TAX
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DJI Phantom3 Standard RC Drones Heavy Duty Aluminium Case Hard Box US SHIP
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Casio G Shock Resin Strap Mens Watch
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55mm Lens 3 Piece Filter Accessory Bundle for Canon Nikon Sony Samsung
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FAQ for Clothing And Jewelry
Resolved Question: Cheap teen clothes and jewelry websites?
Do not say Aeropostale, Forever 21, Wet Seal, delias, h&m, hollister/a&f, AE, claires, sears, jcpennys, kohls, or nordstrom. If possible post websites with items under 20$!!! I only get 250$ for school shopping and i basically need a whole new wardrobe because im outgrowing about 95% of my clothes. Thanks.

Resolved Question: Dad, clothes,jewelry,etc?
I am 12 years old and well im the normal bubbly type of girl. My dad gets pissed at me when i wear bright nail polish,rings, and when i wear two necklaces, like two days ago, i had my name necklace and a long necklace on, and he yelled at my mom that she lets me wear 'that stuff'. And when she told me the other night i told her that im not doing anything wrong, and that my dad acts like im wearing tattoos not rings, Im not gonna talk to my dad about this cause i really have no idea what im doing wrong. i mean there are girls my age wearing short clothes, tons of makeup, and have highlights, and i have none of those,But when i wear two rings(even when i wear one) on the same hand he gets all mad. I told my mom that its not fair and he's a male so he cant tell me what i can wear, and its not like its age-innappropriate. I have no idea what to do. Also, once i was listenin to lady gaga in the car, and he i slike i hate her she dresses like a maniac, and im like , tht is unique and i like unique and he looked at me like im crazy. Yea, i like dressing unique with a lot of colors, but i cant cause he says i will stand out(which i dont mind), but since then i dress like in black with a couple of colors( lblack and pink or blue). I am like lost with my dad right now, and i wont talk to him about it cause it will make it worse, trust me his strict, and my mom cant tell him anything cause it will start a fight (even though she said she agrees with me). im so sad and i dont know what clothes even accessories to wear :( and they r eurpean parents, and were born in the 60's so maybe tht will help you understnad how he is

Resolved Question: How to make clothing and jewelry?
I know this is a sad question; I feel stupid asking this. :P But I'll ask anyway. How do you make clothing and jewelry? What are the materials, and how do you have to calculate how you're going to make the clothing/jewelry? I really have no idea, and I'm very lost. I just want some info on making clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, and stuff like that.

Resolved Question: Audrey kitching clothes/jewelry/makeup?
does anyone have some ideas of where she shops for these things?^^^^^^ plz no rude comments, && thanks 4 the help^__^ heres a good pic of there stuff

Resolved Question: How to make your own clothing & jewelry?
I want to start making my own clothing and jewelry over the summer.Can any one suggest some websites,books any thing that will help me

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Charmline 2015 African Jewellery Tunic 3426-367-239
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